What is Psychotherapy & how it works ?

September 20, 2019
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Psychotherapy also known as talk therapy is a kind of therapy where a trained professional makes communication with an individual suffering from mental problem. It is one is to one communication where a psychologist or psychiatrist solves the mental health problem of an individual by counselling sessions.

While going through Psychotherapy an individual understands his/her rights & wrongs, about feelings, thoughts, behaviors & other conditions. The individual slowly starts to share all his/her talks with someone who is non judgemental, supportive & neutral. Through this discussion both the psychologist & the individual work together to find out the problems which has lead to this mental health problem.


If you are going through frustration, depression or any other kind of mood patterns it is always advisable to consult with a Psychologist before it takes a huge turn. Talking therapy is too much effective since you get the opportunity to talk with someone & share your thoughts with a person who is way far from your surroundings.

Types of Psychotherapy:

There are normally 3 types of Psychotherapy. Not all the types are appropriate for all cases. Depending on the kind of psychological issue the individual is dealing with, the type of psychotherapy is being used. The 3 types are:

Insight Therapy: This therapy is for individual understanding in terms of ‘whys’ & ‘hows’. This kind of therapy is for individuals to understand why they are feeling or doing such things. Once they realize the reason then they work for progress & by themselves find ways to overcome it. It is for the realization among individuals about their wrong did & the reason behind that.

Behavioral Therapy: This therapy is to make an individual learn that how to respond in a positive way without showing bad behavior. This therapy is not to find out the reason that why they are responding rudely & weirdly, but this therapy helps an individual to learn & change his bad behaviors.

Biomedical Therapy: This therapy is used in severe conditions & is conducted by a Psychiatrist or a Doctor who got specialization in psychological issues. This therapy is mostly done through medication like Prozac or Wellbutrin. Other biomedical therapies like psycho surgery or electric shock are being used in cases where the medications fail.

How it works ?

Through Psychotherapy the Specialist understands & identify the problems behind the individuals unpredictable behavior and mental illness. It might be due to loss of job, divorce, death of close one or some serious illness. Once the reason is being revealed the Psychotherapist could able to understand in which aspect he should keep on counselling the individual to solve his/her psychological disorder & make him/her understand how to improve.

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When to consult with a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapy is not only for individuals who are going through chronic mental problems , but people need psychotherapy in cases like excessive depression, frustration, or behaving weirdly for a long time. As being said it is always beneficial to take preventive measure before it turns into a chronic disease. If you are going through the below mentioned symptoms you are advised to consult with a Specialist for improvement.

– Your continuous nature of rude, weird behavior towards others
– Your continuous habit of drinking alcohol, or other kind of drugs & then being aggressive towards your family &           friends
– Your feeling of destroying nature
– Not getting concentration on any kind of daily activities & losing control
– Feeling alone, sad & helpless
– Not behaving normally in front of others & always going through negative attitude

Conclusion: Psychotherapy deals with psychological issues like depression, frustration, anxiety and other kinds of psychological disorders. As being mentioned talking & sharing your opinions with a psychotherapist helps to overcome your mental, attitude and other behavioral problems. Make sure to consult a Specialist to get rid of your mental problems at the earliest.