Walking the most effective exercise & a great workout

August 26, 2019
Walking the most effective exercise & a great workout | CureMantra

Tired with going to gym everyday? Start walking to keep yourself physically healthy, fit & fine. Many of us might have some questions in mind that in spite of walking on a regular basis why we are facing so health problems? But to be practical, you need to follow some steps if you want to make your walk a mode of exercise. Keep reading to know how daily walk can be as helpful as an exercise & what are the basic steps you need to follow for it.

Walking the most productive cardio exercise

Brisk or fast or speed walking is really a good cardio exercise. A brisk stroll is better than any kind of workout. As you walk faster keeping the same pace, your heart starts pumping much faster thus distributing the blood to all parts of the body more efficiently. Over time brisk walk makes your heart stronger thus lowering the blood pressure.

How much to walk daily?

If you are walking at a moderate speed, then it is advisable to walk at least 30 minutes a day & 5 days in a week. Brisk walk needs minimum 2.5 hours of walk a week or 30-90 minutes most days of the week to reduce your body weight. Depending on your weight a brisk walk can burn 100-300 calories in first 30 minutes or 200 -600 calories in an hour.

Walking or running – which one is considered as the best exercise?

As per the paper published in “American Heart Association journal‘ it is being stated that both walking & running helps in reducing high blood pressure, high cholesterol & type 2 Diabetes.

Running requires more energy & motivation in comparison to walking. Running is always a much more challenging & demanding activity. But those who are going through joint injuries or back pain it is always advisable to walk as brisk walk is considered as moderate intensity exercise & running is considered robust intensity exercise.

One needs to walk for a longer period of time to get the same benefit as of running.

Benefits of walking:

-protects you from heart disease & stroke
-increases cardiovascular & pulmonary fitness
-helps in maintaining physical fitness
– reduces the risk of high blood pressure
– burning calories & losing weight
– improves digestion
-having sound sleep
-walking alleviates back pain
-boosts your energy levels & improves your mood
-reduce the risk of breast cancer
-walking regularly makes your bones & muscles stronger.
-reduces stress, anxiety & depression.
-helps prevent Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Conclusion – Walking is the most effective exercise if done properly on a regular basis. Walk daily & keep yourself active & free from many kind of illness. Book Doctors online through CureMantra’s app & consult if you are going through any health related  problems.