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Some Facts about Pancreatic Cancer

Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer | CureMantra

Pancreatic Cancer is a deadly disease occurring more in males than females. Mostly this kind of disease remains undetected on its early stage & when it gets detected in most cases it is the final stage. Hence it is often referred to as a “silent” disease also.

In most of the cases pancreatic cancer gets detected when it started to spread & affect your other body parts. Though in India it is not so common, but we should not ignore it since it has got the highest number of fatality rate throughout the World.

Pancreas is a gland situated in the abdomen between the stomach & the spine. Pancreatic cancer develops when abnormal (malignant) cells grow in huge number & divide & form a tumor which is malignant (which means when growth of cells is uncontrollable & thus it spreads to other parts of the body).

Pancreatic Cancer is of 2 types

Endocrine pancreatic cancer affecting the endocrine cells & Exocrine pancreatic cancer affecting the pancreatic duct.
According to research, 93% of people affected by pancreatic cancer are exocrine in nature known as Adenocarcinoma.

Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer –

As being discussed that pancreatic cancer is rarely being detected at an early stage, so you have to be very careful when your body is showing the following symptoms like

• Losing weight vigorously in a short span of time & without knowing why it is happening.
• Having trouble in digesting food regularly.
• Tremendous pain in the abdomen or mid-back because of tumor obstructing the digestive tract.
• Yellowing of the eyes or skin.
• Pale & smelly stools
• Always having Nausea & vomiting tendency.

Ways in which you can detect cancer in Pancreas –

• Endoscopic ultrasound to get images of your pancreas.
• Biopsy i.e. to obtain a sample of tissue from the pancreas.
• Blood test.
• CT scan & MRI
• Laproscopy

Conclusion – Pancreatic cancer is a silent & deadly disease causing fatal in majority of the cases, since it is not recognizable at an early stage. Do not avoid if you are facing these symptoms & book & consult with the best Doctors in Jamshedpur through CureMantra Healthcare.