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Save water Save Life – the major social responsibility

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Save water for the existence of life on the earth

Save water Save life is one of the major social responsibility which all of us should adopt. As frequently asked since 70% of the earth is covered by water so why is it so important to save water? Yes! 70% of the planet is covered by water but is all of them are consumable? Only 1% of the entire water available on the earth is fit for consuming. Around 2% of the water is in the solid form, ice and 97% of the water is salty that is not fit for consumption.

In this 1% of water, human wastes them by using an excess amount of water for unwanted purposes like throwing garbage in the water bodies. Careless usage of water in various activities leads to water scarcity. Continue reading to know more about the importance of saving water.

Food needs water

Human consumes fruits and vegetable and without that, it is not possible to live. If you need to save the plant vegetation, it is important to have water. They can’t live in the drought lands. If plants do not exist, it is not possible to have oxygen to breathe; food for eating for both human and other living begins.

Energy consumption

Heavy consumption of water is the gateway for the over consumption of other non-renewable resources energies. Water in every house needs to be heated for different purposes like cleaning, bathing, and several other things. Also, the local water utility deliver the required water to your home and that requires additional consumption of energy. All these together lead to over consumption of energy.

Water is the tool to save the environment

Only when the groundwater level is good there are chances for the growth of more trees and constitutes a good and healthy environment. Automatically, when the growth of trees and plants are poor, the forest vegetation will be affected and some animals and plants will have no existent. Continuing in the same situation will be dangerous for human life as well.

The need for water is huge

Almost in all the things in daily life will require water. It might be cooking, drinking, bathing, washing; etc the need for water is countless. It is better to use the water with some control over it. also, it is better to use water appropriately that is do not use the drinking water for washing, bathing, etc. instead of using pipes and showers you can have some limits of usage of water by some vessels as well.

Other best thing that everyone should do is conserving the rainwater. There are ample benefits in saving the rainwater. Rain is considered to be the purest form of water and it is highly important to save them.

Final thoughts

Humans are the only ones who are responsible for this huge wastage of water everyday & get affected by this even. Plants, animals & entire vegetation even gets affected due to lack of water. Water is more valuable on the planet for sustaining of living beings. Make sure you live with nature’s gift and let other living beings also to live their life peacefully. Save Water Save Life!