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Regular health check up is mandatory – know why?

December 19, 2019
Regular health check up is mandatory – know why ? CureMantra

Regular health check up is an important part of our life & it should be taken seriously by all of us. We spend lots on different kind of daily activities, but when it comes to our health check up many of us try to avoid it just by saying that this is not the time for check up. And this is the major reason that in many cases Doctor’s diagnose the health problem at the last moment since we arrive late for check up.

The purpose of a health check up is to help find, prevent or lessen the impact of disease if any. By doing health test, the Doctors can able to examine a person’s lifestyle, medical history and family history to find out if they’re prone to any kind of diseases & thus taking the preventive measures.

Though regular health check up does not mean on daily basis but it says quarterly, twice a year or yearly. Health check up may increase the chances for treatment at an early stage with proper prevention of the same.

It is always being advised by Doctors to get health check up on a regular basis which helps early diagnosis in certain cases of severe diseases. As being said, a person with cancer if detected at an early stage might have the chance to survive but a person detected with cancer at the last stage, no scope is there. Also a diabetic patient is being asked for regular health check up since diabetes increases risk of heart disease, so it’s important to have a blood test to check your cholesterol as part of your health check up or more frequently if your cholesterol levels are high. Self testing by monitoring your glucose levels daily is also an important part of controlling diabetes. Thus regular health check up is required to detect any kind of disease at its early stage & also to start treatment at the earliest.

Benefits of Regular Health Check Up:

  • Regular health tests may lower your healthcare costs over time by avoiding costly medical services. Since it reduces the risk of potential health illness that can turn out to be a dangerous one. These regular check-ups ensure that you save money in the long run. In certain cases, health tests reduce the probability of undergoing surgery & other serious medical expenditure if diagnosed early.
  • Increase chances for treatment & cure
  • Regular blood tests may help to get rid of diseases that can show up in your blood like anaemia, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. It also help specialist to assess properly the functioning of various body organs like kidneys, heart, liver and thyroid.
  • Regular check up also lowers the risk of complications since close monitoring is being done of the existing conditions.

Some health check ups include:

At the age between 20s and 30s-

-weight check

– Blood pressure test

-Blood sugar test

– Cholesterol test

-Dental check up

-ECG test

-Liver function test

-Urine analysis test (especially in smokers who are at high risk for bladder cancer)

– Thyroid Function Test

-Pap Smear Test (For Women)

Screening For STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) If you have multiple sexual partners or are planning to conceive, check for sexually transmitted infections, like syphilis, gonorrhoea, HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

In your 40s

-Eye Check Up

-Uric acid test

-Test for Prostate Cancer (For Men)

-Mammogram (For Women)

-Test for Calcium

-Diabetes test

In your 50s


-Bowel cancer screening

-Visual acuity and hearing impairment tests

Conclusion – As being said prevention is better than cure, thus it is always advisable to cure a disease at its early stage before it turns into a serious one. And this is only possible through regular health check up, Regular health test is very essential in leading a healthy life. Health check up helps to find problems before they take the form of any serious disease & thus the chances for treatment and cure is always better if detected earlier. Concentrate on your health, do regular checkups & lead a healthy life.