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Avoid few foods for Glowing and Healthy Skin

Healthy skin | CureMantra

Do you what should you avoid to get a healthy skin? The junk food we eat is the main cause of early wrinkle formation on the skin or ageing. The sun also plays a pivotal role in the ageing process. Sure sunscreen protects from the sun damage but what’s the point of it when you are consuming a boatload of junk.

Advanced glycation end products (AGE’s) are formed when protein combines with sugar. AGE’s are perhaps the main cause of wrinkly skin. This article brings to you the 10 food items with which you should always maintain an appropriate distance. Also, the substitute for each food item is mentioned as well.

10 Foods that we need to avoid to keep our skin healthy

1. FRENCH FRIES: French fries are the most satisfying junk food. It is fried and salty which is sodium-rich. Sodium accelerates wrinkle formation as it causes the skin to loosen up. Salt soaks up all the water which leads to dehydration which in turn results in wrinkly skin. A good substitute to French fries is the good old baked sweet potato.

2. WHITE BREAD: White bread contains refined carbs and when these meet protein, the resulting product is AGE. White bread has a significantly high glycemic index. The higher the glycemic index, the speedier is the ageing process. Eat multigrain bread as they have rich fiber content.

3. SUGAR: Sugar and salt are known as white poison. The ageing process speeds up when there is an excess of sugar in the body. Sun acts as a catalyst in this process. Therefore, substitute sugar with healthier options like honey.

4. MARGARINE: Butter and margarine cause damage to the skin from the inside. Once the damage has been done, the skin becomes vulnerable to UV radiation of the sun. Use olive oil instead of butter as it has a lesser concentration of Trans fats.

5. PROCESSED MEAT: Bacon, sausage, pepperoni, etc. are processed meat items and have high quantities of sodium, fatty acids, and sulfite. Inflammation is caused by sodium which dehydrates the skin. Go for beans, eggs, chicken, and turkey instead.

6. DAIRY: Dairy products are calcium rich and calcium is essential for skin, bones, and nails. The effect of dairy products is different on skins of different people. Stay away from it if it causes oxidative stress.

7. SODA AND COFFEE: Soda and coffee are potent sources of caffeine. If you drink any of these items frequently, it might adversely affect your sleep pattern. Poor sleep causes skin problems. Dark circles are one skin problem related to lack of sleep.

8. ALCOHOL MODERATION: No amount of booze is good for health. 1 or 2 drinks in a fortnight are more than enough. Make sure you drink plenty of water as alcohol reduces the water level in the body.

9. RICE CAKES: Rice cake is a good snack; this is a myth. Glycemic index is on the higher side in rice cakes which causes the blood sugar to shoot up. Replace rice cakes with chickpeas. They are full of antioxidants and make the skin glow.

10. FRUCTOSE: Artificial juices have large quantities of fructose in them. As a matter of fact, fructose is more harmful than sugar. If you can’t stay away from fructose, counter its side effects by consuming food items rich in lipoic acid like Brussels sprouts.


Junk foods are always tasty to eat. But when it comes to keep our skin healthy, we should avoid few foods for leading a healthy life & also to maintain our skin looks healthier and glowing. Book your appointment online & Consult with the Specialist of CureMantra.


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Deep Breathing: Simple Exercise for Healthy Life

Deep Breathing Benefits

Breathing is something that all of us are already well-acquainted with. Owing to the same, the significance of proper deep breathing in maintaining the health of an individual is generally overlooked. However, this simple exercise is known to considerably ease the daily routine of an individual by providing innumerable health benefits. Each of these same benefits is detailed below to enlighten you about the positive impact of the exercise on your health.

Benefits of Deep Breathing

• Improved Posture

Proper and deep breathing fills your lungs with air to the brim which forces your body to shift to the ideal body posture. Regularly performing the exercise allows your body to adapt to the straightened posture until adopts the same as its default.

Deep breathe- beneficial for healthy lifestyle


• De-Stress

As you perform deep breathing, you indirectly instruct your body that there is nothing to be concerned about. The increased flow of oxygen rushes within your body as a sign to tell your brain that you’re calm and are at peace. Your body then reacts back by calming your heartbeat and reliving your stress instantly. This further leads to a stress-free routine to improve your health.

• Re-Energize

When you perform deep breathing exercises, your body witnesses an increased flow of oxygen intake which encourages and allows your heart to pump blood throughout your body more efficiently. This, ultimately, leads to your body experiencing an increased sense of energy within your body that allows you to execute daily task more effectively.

• Mood Elevation

When your mind is at ease and your body is experiencing heightened blood flow, the brain is known to generate neurochemicals that act in promoting feelings of happiness and pleasure. This leads to a transition in your mood to a more joyful and calm state which is also known to directly affect your health in a positive sense.

• Better Sleep Cycle

An elevated mood and a mind at ease will allow your body to easily drift off to deep sleep to improve your sleep cycle. An unhindered sleep will give your body the required rest that it needs to properly function and endure your daily routine.


Deep breathing is a simple exercise that has several health benefits that can effectively lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Regularly performing deep breathing exercises will ultimately grace you with a lasting life and will allow your body to function optimally without compromising on its efficiency.

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7 parenting care every mother should know

7 Parenting Care tips | Child specialist in Jamshedpur | Cure Mantra

Parenting could at times become the hardest thing to do. When we talk about mothers, they give their hundred percent and expect nothing from their children. But is a mother doing everything right? From food to vaccinations, a mother forgets many things and mainly because she has to do a lot in a very little time.

To avoid such situations and to help every mother in maintaining a healthy life of their children, here are some healthy tips that she should know.

Parenting Care Tips 1: Vaccination or Immunization.

Getting vaccination at the right age is very important as it protects the body from dangerous diseases. A mother must follow a proper schedule of immunization.

You can take your children for routine body check-ups as it will help you get knowledge about their health. It is necessary as ‘Precaution is better than cure’.

Parenting Care Tips 2:  Breakfast is equaled to healthy time

Breakfast is the first mealtime of the day so make sure to serve your children a nutritious and healthy meal. It is known to be the primary source of energy for a complete day. You can go for carbohydrates rich food so that your child can stay energized.

Parenting Care Tips 3:  Children love variety

Adding variety to meals can help your child get every essential nutrient. You must go for a balanced diet by adding different food products to their daily meal. You can serve the food in some cartoonish or interesting ways. After all, it is very easy for children to get bored, so why not add fun to their food?

Parenting Care Tips 4: Liquid intake is as important as food

About 70% of our body weight is because of water. So, if you want to keep anyone healthy, offer them around 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water is tasteless and makes you feel fresh, so there is nothing to deny having to drink it. You can add other drinks like fresh fruit juice, low-fat milk, and buttermilk to your child’s diet.

Parenting Care Tips 5: Sleep is must

Fewer TVs, phones and video games before sleeping can help your children get better sleep. You can fix a gadget time in your children’s routine so that they can focus on physical activities. Sleep is very important because our body performs growth and restoration while we are sleeping.

Parenting Care Tips 6:  Physical Activities

Physical activities are equally important for adults and children. It balances the physical and mental health of a person. Children are growing so they need to balance them both. Encourage them to play outside and participate in some additional outdoor activities. Make your children love what they do.

Parenting Care Tips 7:  Personal Hygiene

In today’s time, the world is suffering from pollution. If the world is not safe then how can we expect our self to stay safe? So it is very important to maintain our personal hygiene. Teach your children to keep their surroundings clean. Also, ask them to wash their hands before having their food. You can sanitize their water bottles and lunch boxes.

Ask your children to cover their mouth while coughing and sneezing, it will keep the other people safe. Teach them some good manners and your children will remain safe forever.

Sometimes it is interesting to have a fixed routine. You can follow the above easy tips and keep your children healthy and safe.

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Why Should You Wash Your Hands? Health Tips

wash your hands | health tips | doctors in jamshedpur | cure mantra | book doctors online

Touch is one of the ways by which illness prevails in our body if precaution is not taken. In our daily lives if we try to count how many times we have touched our mouth, nose, eyes, ears it would be countless. Every day we touch many things with our hands and thus automatically our hands get exposed to thousands and thousands of germs and bacteria. These may lead to various illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhea which can be fatal in some cases. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of washing your hands that will keep you healthy and disease free. Hence you need to wash your hands daily with soap and clean water to keep yourself and others healthy.

Why Should You Wash Your Hands? Health Tips | Cure Mantra | Doctors in Jamshedpur

When you should wash your hands?

Before cooking you should wash your hands with soap to eliminate germs if any. After cooking once again do the same.

Before eating anything (food or medicines) you need to wash your hands with soap.

Once you are back home from outside, the first thing you should do is clean your hands properly.

After toileting don’t forget to wash your hands.

If you are helping a small child uses the toilet or if you are changing a baby’s diaper, then first you should wash your own hands so that no germs get transferred from your hands.

Wash hands positively after blowing your nose or coughing.

Before putting a band-aid on cut areas or before treating a burn or wound, wash your hands with soap first.

If you have touched any commercial garbage or dustbin of your own house, make sure to wash your hands immediately.

While entering and after returning from Hospital you must clean your hands properly.

If someone is Doctor by profession then before and after treating patients you need to wash your hands.

If you are in a profession where you have to work touching your clients with your hands like Beautician, Cosmetologist, tattoo artist etc, wash your hands with soap immediately once your work gets completed.

According to research, washing your hands with soap and water kills more bacteria than if you wash your hands with soap only. You may use antibacterial soap at times for better result. First, wet your hands with water, then apply the kind of soap that suits you the best, lather will form, spread the lather throughout your hands up to the wrist including your nails and then wash with water.

Do wash your hands regularly to maintain hygiene not for yourself only but for others too. If you often fall sick, you should not ignore infact you should immediately consult the doctor. At Cure Mantra, we provide easy online doctor booking solution in Jamshedpur that saves your time and money.

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Look Gorgeous – Home Remedy to Remove Dark Circles

Remove Dark Circles | Easy Home Remedy to get rid of dark circles | Skin Speciality in Jamshedur | CureMantra

The dark patch of our skin just under the eyes is termed as Dark Circles. Though it is not a serious health issue still it makes you look tired, aged, sick and exhausted. Dark Circles mainly occur due to sleep deprivation, tremendous mental and physical stress, extreme fatigue, aging, dehydration, overexposure to sun and heredity.

Often we try to remove dark circles by using a good concealer, making us look flawless. But it gives us a temporary solution only. Luckily without makeup, you can also diminish your dark circles and if you follow it then it can surely help you to get rid of.

Few tips to remove dark circles without makeup

Use tea bags – Soak 2 black or green tea bags in hot water for few minutes. Squeeze out the excess water and place it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Once it gets chilled, apply it on your closed eyes for 15 minutes at a stretch. Since tea contains caffeine and antioxidants, it helps to reduce your dark circles, puffiness giving your eyes a fresh feeling.

Getting proper sleep – Right amount of sleep is utmost necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep often leads to dark circles making you look aged. So make a habit of sleeping 7 to 8 hours daily to get rid of dark circles.

Keep your head elevated while sleeping – How you sleep also matters to prevent you from dark circles. While sleeping keep your head slightly elevated by placing 2 pillows. This can prevent the fluid from accumulating underneath your eyes.

Use of Cucumber – Cut a few slices of cucumber, put it in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes. Then place one slice over each eye and keep like this for 15 minutes. It gives you an instant freshness and lessens your darkness beneath your eyes.

Egg white mask – Put a thin layer of egg white around your eyes like a mask. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with normal water. Egg white helps to tighten the skin surrounding your eyes.

Use of tomatoes – Cut a thin slice of tomato and place over your eyes for 2 minutes. Then massage gently till it gets dried. Rinse off with normal water. Or you can simply make a paste by grinding a tomato and then applying it over the dark circles surrounding your eyes. Rinse off after 10 to 15 minutes. Daily usage of this helps in the lightening or remove dark circles.

At Cure Mantra, You may consult Skin Specialists in Jamshedpur who can help to remove dark circles. An easy appointment booking solution for doctors and patients without worrying for long wait time near the clinic. As we say, Time is Money. Let’s get connected and book doctors online in Jamshedpur.

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