Migraine – more than just a common headache

Migraine - more than just a common headache | CureMantra

Migraine is a severe & deadly kind of headache preceded by nausea, vomiting & utmost sensitivity to light & sound. This tremendous pain can last from 4 hours to even days. Sometimes this attack is so severe that it can hamper your daily working activities even.

It is a very serious condition & shouldn’t be ignored once diagnosed. According to studies, women are more likely to get affected by this severe pain rather than men. It mostly strike people aged between 15 to 55 years. This deadly pain appears on one side of the head & is a result of specific changes within the brain.

Symptoms & stages of Migraine:

The level of Migraine varies from person to person. Mostly there are four common stages :

Prodome : Just a day or 2 days before migraine you may face sudden changes in your mood like feeling irritable, depressed, neck stiffness, consumption of water in huge quantity & urination. This stage is being defined as Prodome since these symptoms occur few days before the actual pain starts.

Aura: This stage might occur just before or during the Migraine. These are visual or other sensory disturbances. In some cases patients develop some disturbances in their visual phenomena like various geometrical shapes, colorful spots or strong flash of light, vision loss. For some patients difficulty in speaking, unmanageable jerking may also occur. These symptoms appear slowly & then persist for 30-60 minutes in some cases.

Attack / Headache: Migraine may last from 4 to 72 hours if treatment is not done properly. Normally this severe pain appears on one side of the head but in some cases it may occur on both the sides. People with migraine attack do have vomiting tendency, nausea, become too much sensitive to light (photophobia) & loud sounds ( phonophobia).

Postdrome : Migraine attack is a serious one & the pain becomes unbearable in most cases. Once the migraine gets off, the patient feels tired, unable to think clearly, not willing to eat properly & gets confused.

When to consult a Doctor?

Migraine can take a very serious condition if not treated on time. If you are almost facing the following symptoms on a regular basis then it is the time to consult with a Doctor or a Health care Specialist for treatment.

• A severe headache carried on for days
• Unbearable headache with vomiting tendency, nausea, sneezing, coughing
• Headache with weakness, stiff neck, high fever, irritation

Some common cause behind Migraine:

Heredity: If in your family somebody is having migraine then there is more chance of yours’ getting this disease.

Sex: As being researched it is more common in women than men.

Age: Studies have shown that it is most common among people aged between 15 to 55 years. But with growing age it becomes less painful & less frequent.

Hormonal changes: Since women have more tendency of going through this migraine attack, it slows down only after menopause. Those women who are having acute migraine might have the tendency of having this attack during menstruation because of the hormonal change.

Mood: Extreme level of stress, emotional shock, depression, unbearable mental pressure can trigger migraine.

Environment: Loud noise, strong smell, passive smoking, strong flash light can also trigger this kind of severe pain.

Treatment: At an early stage of migraine one can go through these steps to get relief from this severe headache. Still if the problem continues then it is advisable to consult with a Doctor for further treatment.

– Drinking adequate amount of water.
– Getting enough sleep
– Not shouting & laying silently in a dark room for few hours
– Reducing your stress
– Doing regular physical exercise
All these help to reduce the frequency of migraine.

Conclusion: Consult with the Doctors immediately if you are going through severe migraine for a longer period of time. Never ignore your health issues. Keep on doing regular check up at least once in 6 months as you grow older to keep yourself healthy.