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Do You Know Why Hearing Loss is Common among Senior Citizens?

June 1, 2019
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Hearing Loss or Hearing disability is a common medical condition we here these days. In most cases, senior citizens have hearing problem & poor eyesight. This at times creates a panic situation among the elders. As we grow older hearing problem is a common issue we face.

Hearing problems should be treated immediately or may worsen the situation like depression, anger, being short-tempered, loss of self-esteem, etc. In this article, you will get to know the causes & prevention of hearing problem among the aged people

Causes of age to related Hearing Loss:

Two types of hearing loss are common among Elders. Noise-related ear loss & age-related hearing impaired.

Age-related ear loss is also known as Presbycusis is a slow & gradual process which may occur due to the abnormalities of the middle or inner ear. As this type of hearing disability occurs very slowly with age, one cannot recognize at first until the damage becomes major with time.

With age people do have a tendency to watch tv with a loud sound or hear radio loudly which may lead to noise-induced hearing loss. Long term exposure of your ears to loud noise for a longer period of time is the main cause behind noise-induced hearing loss. This kind of loud noise actually damages the sensory hair cells which are the source of hearing for us.

Aged people who suffer from ear loss are mostly due to the combination of both noise & age-related ear loss.

hearing loss | hearing loss treatment in kolkata | ENT Specialist in Kolkata | Cure Mantra

Common Symptoms of hearing Problem:

Having trouble hearing over the phone on a regular basis.
Continuously asking people to repeat the same thing.
Always turning up the radio or tv volume so high that it becomes unbearable for others.
Having a problem to hear when someone is talking from a distant.

Keeping yourself away from loud noise is the best way to prevent hearing ability among aged people. Though there are some devices which can help you from the hearing problem like

Hearing aids: one type of electronic instrument that makes sounds louder to a person suffering from hearing impaired. One should consult a Doctor before to find out the hearing aid which suits him.

Cochlear Implant: Doctors suggest this kind of implant when the hearing loss is severe. It is a kind of small electronic device which is implanted in the inner ear. It is done through surgery & hence doctors only recommend it when there is no other option.

Conclusion: Elderly people are mostly associated with a hearing problem. So it is advisable to keep yourself away from loud noise as you grow old as a precaution. Low voice is always better than louder noise.