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Cold & Flu: 8 tips to prevent yourself in winter

January 3, 2020
Cold & Flu: 8 tips to prevent yourself in winter | CureMantra

Cold & flu during winter is very common in winter because of the weather change. It is contagious, and thus one should be very careful about hygiene in cold & flu season. Since there are no remedies for basic colds or this season’s cold virus, prevention is the best procedure for limiting the interruptions to work and public activity. There are numerous things you can do to lessen your opportunity of being presented to these infections.  Below mentioned are few tips you can follow to avoid catching a cold & preventing yourself from the surrounding chorus of coughs and sneezes.

8 Tips to avoid cold & flu:

Wash your hands often: Most important to get rid of cough & cold is washing your hands properly. Whenever you are getting in contact with people who are contagious, make sure to wash your hands by scrubbing hard for 20 seconds at least.  Don’t forget to wash your hands after using bathroom. Remember to clean under the nails, between the fingers, and wash your wrists too.

Maintain your fingers:  We have a habit of rubbing our eyes, noses & cover our mouth with our hands, which is a certain method to taint yourself with cold virus particles. Hence keep your fingers far from your nose and your eyes to abstain from tainting yourself with cold infectious particles.

Keep a sanitizer in your bag. In bus or auto while travelling if you are not carrying water you can simple wash your hands with sanitizer. It can kill cold & flu germs also.

Stay away from crowds & sick people:  Try to maintain distance from individuals who you know have a cold or influenza and avoid crowded places during this season to decrease your opportunity of contamination.

Vitamin D in your diet is a must: Try to eat healthy food with plenty of Vitamins. It boosts your immune system.  Fill your plate with green, fresh vegetables at lunch & dinner.

Exercise daily: Regular exercise is a proven immune booster. Though it is not the swimming season, but try to do some kind of exercise to stay moving during the winter season. If you do moderate exercise like brisk walk for 30 to 45 minutes a day, and 5 days in a week, it reduces the chance of a cold by a third. Keep on doing exercise to prevent you from cold & flu.

Get enough sleep:  Sleep gives your brain rest for some time. Sleep properly for 7 to 8 hours during this season to reduce your stress if any. Plenty of sleep keeps your immune system healthy & better able to withstand infection.

Make kids aware of hygiene: Kids share cold infections very easily & thus everybody in the family gets affected by it.  Teach your kid to cough or sneeze into a tissue & to throw it in a dustbin. Make it a habit for them. Also make it a habit for them to wash their hands immediately after coming back home from outside or after touching any dirty things.

Get a flu vaccine: If you are very prone to cold & flu during winter, then it is better to get a flu vaccine during the flu season. Flu viruses are continuously changing, and new vaccines are developed every year to protect against new strains.

Conclusion: Maintaining hygiene is most important during this cold & flu season. Make a life-long habit that is the key to illness prevention: handwashing. If it is not a common cough & cold, don’t ignore then. Book Doctors immediately through CureMantra Healthcare.