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7 parenting care every mother should know

February 17, 2019
7 Parenting Care tips | Child specialist in Jamshedpur | Cure Mantra

Parenting could at times become the hardest thing to do. When we talk about mothers, they give their hundred percent and expect nothing from their children. But is a mother doing everything right? From food to vaccinations, a mother forgets many things and mainly because she has to do a lot in a very little time.

To avoid such situations and to help every mother in maintaining a healthy life of their children, here are some healthy tips that she should know.

Parenting Care Tips 1: Vaccination or Immunization.

Getting vaccination at the right age is very important as it protects the body from dangerous diseases. A mother must follow a proper schedule of immunization.

You can take your children for routine body check-ups as it will help you get knowledge about their health. It is necessary as ‘Precaution is better than cure’.

Parenting Care Tips 2:  Breakfast is equaled to healthy time

Breakfast is the first mealtime of the day so make sure to serve your children a nutritious and healthy meal. It is known to be the primary source of energy for a complete day. You can go for carbohydrates rich food so that your child can stay energized.

Parenting Care Tips 3:  Children love variety

Adding variety to meals can help your child get every essential nutrient. You must go for a balanced diet by adding different food products to their daily meal. You can serve the food in some cartoonish or interesting ways. After all, it is very easy for children to get bored, so why not add fun to their food?

Parenting Care Tips 4: Liquid intake is as important as food

About 70% of our body weight is because of water. So, if you want to keep anyone healthy, offer them around 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water is tasteless and makes you feel fresh, so there is nothing to deny having to drink it. You can add other drinks like fresh fruit juice, low-fat milk, and buttermilk to your child’s diet.

Parenting Care Tips 5: Sleep is must

Fewer TVs, phones and video games before sleeping can help your children get better sleep. You can fix a gadget time in your children’s routine so that they can focus on physical activities. Sleep is very important because our body performs growth and restoration while we are sleeping.

Parenting Care Tips 6:  Physical Activities

Physical activities are equally important for adults and children. It balances the physical and mental health of a person. Children are growing so they need to balance them both. Encourage them to play outside and participate in some additional outdoor activities. Make your children love what they do.

Parenting Care Tips 7:  Personal Hygiene

In today’s time, the world is suffering from pollution. If the world is not safe then how can we expect our self to stay safe? So it is very important to maintain our personal hygiene. Teach your children to keep their surroundings clean. Also, ask them to wash their hands before having their food. You can sanitize their water bottles and lunch boxes.

Ask your children to cover their mouth while coughing and sneezing, it will keep the other people safe. Teach them some good manners and your children will remain safe forever.

Sometimes it is interesting to have a fixed routine. You can follow the above easy tips and keep your children healthy and safe.

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