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Feeling sleepy at work? These tips will save your job!!

January 12, 2019
Do you feel sleepy at work? Learn how to combat | Cure Mantra | Doctors in Jamshedpur | Health tips

All of us need sound sleep of minimum 7 – 8 hrs a day. But still when Monday morning comes , many of us feels sleepy while starting our work. Might be it personal or working in a office. A sleepy feeling comes and makes us feel like going back to bed and sleep for another few minutes. Many of us go through this habit at some point of time. But if this habit persists on a regular basis then it is a major concern for sure, since it hampers productivity and daily work schedule. However there are few ways by which you can avoid your laziness and sleepy feelings & can get indulge yourself actively in work from the very first hour.

Meditate and keep yourself active

The first thing which you can do waking up every morning is to meditate. Mediation not only keeps your mind relaxed & calm but also keeps yourself energetic throughout the day. Mediate once in the morning and keep your mind alert the whole day.

Sound sleep at night is must to avoid feeling sleepy

Do you feel sleepy at work? Learn how to combat | Cure Mantra | Doctors in Jamshedpur | Health tipsFeeling drowsy while working in the morning basically happens because of your late night sleep. One needs proper sleep of 7 – 8 hrs daily to keep fresh and active. Sleeping too late at night or not getting the proper sleep often makes you feel tired at work. This is why one should get sufficient & undisturbed sleep every night to stay away from drowsiness in the morning.

Unplanned Eating Habit will let you feel sleepy at work

Over eating can makes you feel sleepy at work even. It is being noticed that after having lunch at office or at home many of us feel drowsy and feel like sleeping for some time. This happens just because of our eating habits. You should always eat just the right amount of food you need to, because over eating surely makes you feel drowsy at work. Try to have something light while you are at work to keep yourself active.

Using Peppermints can prevent you from drowsiness

Suddenly feeling drowsy at work? The first thing you can do is to drink peppermint tea to bring back your energy. Peppermint can stimulate you naturally and thus you can have it in any form to feel fresh. Also in the morning a cup of tea energizes your body. Most of the people do have a habit of drinking tea twice daily to keep their mind fresh and active.


Unhealthy sleeping habit may effect your productivity at work and can cost your job. So follow the suggestion above to avoid sleeping at work and make your boss happy. At Cure Mantra, we provide heath tips, doctor consultation and other information for a healthy lifestyle in Jamshedpur.

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Does Alcohol Has Any Health Benefits? Hear From Experts

January 5, 2019
Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol | Health Tips | Doctors in Jamshedpur | Cure Mantra

It is said that red wine is useful for your heart well being and has much health benefits. However, specialists advise that it’s better to use caution in these cases. Normally if you drink any alcoholic beverage on a moderate basis it will cut back your probabilities of suffering heart diseases by the maximum amount of 40 percent.

If someone is consuming alcohol regularly but within a limit then it will really assist you to reduce fat. In an examination distributed in 2010, it was discovered that ladies who drank few pegs every day were more averse to pick up tummy fat than the individuals who totally swore off liquor. According to research, it is believed that people who keep on drinking alcohol regularly can adapt and may metabolize alcohol as compared to individuals who drink very often.

Health Benefits of Alcohol for Diabetes

A drink a day can really fend off diabetes. It might shock yet it is valid. As per 2005 report, it was disclosed that moderate measures of liquor, for example, 1 drink for a lady and 2 for a man can lessen the danger of them experiencing diabetes type 2 and that too by as much as 30 percent. Alcohol is known to build the dimension of a hormone that can make your body significantly touchy to insulin.

Drinking in an unlimited quantity can affect your health. But for someone who drinks regularly within the limit, it really helps you to prevent cognitive decline from happening. As per a recent analysis, it has been found that individuals who drank on a moderate basis had 23 percent less probability of developing psychological feature problems. It may stop Alzheimer’s illness and numerous different kinds of insanity from happening as compared to complete non-drinkers. This happens on the ground that intake of a moderate level of alcohol can increase flow to your cerebrum/brain.

Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol by Curemantra | Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol | Health Tips | Doctors in Jamshedpur | Cure Mantra

Alcohol Fights Gallstone

Alcohol can prevent you from gallstones. Gallstones are deposits made up of hardened cholesterol. They ordinarily shape inside your gallbladder and can prompt cramping and torment in the base of your stomach. However, adding a little liquor to your everyday diet can really prevent this awful marvel from occurring. According to research intake of moderate amount of liquor like 5 to 7 days a week can cut down your danger of experiencing gallstones. However less regular consumption of alcohol like 1 to 2 days a week would not have much effect in such manner.

Keep following Cure Mantra blog for more health benefits tips from doctors in Jamshedpur. We aim to provide a complete health solution especially in a growing country like ours. Healthy India, Fit India, that’s the only mantra of Cure Mantra.

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