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Struggling from Depression : symptoms, causes & treatment

August 14, 2019
Depression: symptoms, causes & treatment | CureMantra Healthcare

Depression is the toughest situation in one’s life & can get worse if not treated with care. Most of us now days go through this serious medical condition in some part of our life might be because of excessive work pressure, personal tension, tremendous educational pressure or others.

Sadness, loneliness, getting upset, feeling low, not feeling interested in work activities are something which is very natural we go through & familiar to all. But when this state of mind persists for a long period of time & have an impact on our life then it indicated that we are going through depression.

As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the most widely recognized disease worldwide. According to them 350 million individuals are affected by this, globally.

Symptoms of Depression

Everybody including men, women & children can get affected by depression. Depression when persists for a very long period without any treatment can affect your body even.

Few symptoms include:

• Insomnia , restless sleep, over sleepiness
• Feeling of tiredness, laziness, worthlessness or guilt
• Less ability to concentrate
• Reduced self esteem & self confidence
• Not willing to take part in any activities, drinking excessively & thinking of self- harm or suicide
• Having tremendous headache, pains & digestive problems

Causes of Depression

Depression may not be the result of a single cause. It is most likely to be due to several combinations of factors like :
• Death or loss of a close person
• Heredity/ Family history /genetic factors
• Substance abuse
• Serious illness
• Childhood trauma
• Certain medications
• Changes & stressful events – divorce, job changes, marriage etc

Treatment for Depression

Depression is not so easy to deal with. Always try to handle a person carefully & humbly who is going through this serious mental state. You can opt for a combination of treatments to get faster & better result.

Doctor may prescribe antidepressants, anti anxiety or anti psychotic medications. These drugs can only be taken once prescribed by the Doctor & are not recommended for children at all.

Talking with a therapist can lessen your thinking towards negativity for life. For individuals suffering from depression psychotherapy is the best option, but for severe cases psychotherapy along with some other treatment should also be done.

Exercise is always good for your health. It always keeps your mind fresh & energetic. Do exercise for 5 days a week. Doing physical activity increases the endorphins level which improves your mood.

Electroconvulsive Therapy
Those who are suffering from psychotic depression, electroconvulsive therapy are quite effective since in most of the extreme cases, only medications are not the ultimate solution.

Apart from medications, therapies, taking care of your self are most important. Depression causes negativity in mind, try to avoid it. Interact with your friends, relatives & closed ones more, participate in enjoyable activities, eat healthy foods & take proper sleep. This brings positivity in your mind & you can overcome the depression you are going through.

Conclusion – Booking Doctors has now become the easiest way through CureMantra. Don’t neglect your illness & consult with the specialist soon. Remember depression if not treated properly may affect your body even.

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