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Benefits of Eating Dates Regularly – What Experts Say?

June 20, 2019
Benefits of eating dates

One can eat dates anytime throughout the day. But do you know if we eat dates in an empty stomach, how much health benefits we can gain? In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of eating dates (Khajur) for a healthy life. Keep reading this article to know why one should include dates in everyday diet. Dates are very famous in recent years because of its huge health benefits & are actually the fruit of date palm tree called Phoenix dactylifera.

Both fresh & dry dates are equally in demand. A crinkled skin dates means it is dry, whereas a smooth one means it is fresh. Waking up in morning & having 2-3 dates in an empty stomach can surely helps you to stay healthy.

Few key benefits of eating dates in an empty stomach

Dates is a Good Energy booster:

Date have tremendous nutritional value that helps to boost your energy even after prolonged illness. Dry dates (Khajur) have more calorie content than the fresh ones. Dates are rich in natural sugar like fructose, glucose & sucrose which increases energy level.

Benefits of Eating Dates | Curemantra | doctors in jamshedpur

Dates Helps to Prevent from Constipation:

Deficiency of fiber in the body causes constipation. Dates is rich in fibre, so intake of 2-3 dates every day morning in an empty stomach can cure you from constipation. Dates helps in bowel movement controlling/ directing the formation of normal stool & thus prevents you from constipation.

Eat Dates For a Healthy Skin:

Studies have proven the fact that dates are packed with adequate amount of nutritional elements like antioxidants, Vitamin C, B5 & Flavonoids. Each of these components provides great skincare benefits.
Vitamin B5 prevents your body from stretch marks & other skin problems. Vitamin C & Flavonoids protects your face from wrinkle formation thus regulating skin elasticity. Various antioxidants present in dates makes your skin looks glossy & smooth thus preventing ageing of your body.

Gives You A Healthy Hair:

Facing problem with tremendous hair loss? Dates being rich in various nutrients like Vitamin B5 & iron can prevents hair loss since it helps in proper blood circulation on your scalp. Also dates reduces dandruff which is the major cause of hair fall now days. Eat dates in empty stomach on a regular basis & find the difference.

Helps in Destroying Intestinal Worms:

Eating dates early morning on empty stomach clear the parasites & energize your heart.

Regulate Cholesterol Level:

Dates are loaded with fiber & iron with no presence of cholesterol. Dates helps in regulating cholesterol level. Include dates in your diet on an empty stomach to to reduce your cholesterol level.

Lowers blood pressure:

Research claims that daily consumption of dates lowers blood pressure since dates are rich in potassium & magnesium.

Very Beneficial During Pregnancy:

Dates being rich in calories, nutrients & fiber helps pregnant woman in many ways. Since pregnant woman requires more calories & nutrients eating dates can be very helpful.

Conclusion – Dates are healthy but only when taken in moderate amount. High consumption of dates can lead to several side effects like diabetes & weight gain. Eating 2-3 dates everyday on an empty stomach prevents you from many health problems. Include it in your diet & notice the change.