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about our company
A web service that connects patients, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories, and other medical facilites.

Unique Aspects
  1. HIPAA compliant
  2. Free Service
  3. Reach to Small Cities And Towns
  4. Easy To Use
  5. Simple Stepwise Process
  6. Availability of Radiological Image Viewers
  7. Reach To Smaller Cities And Towns
  8. Confidentiality
Free to all User
Smart Medical Record Keeping
Smart Search for Doctors and Medical Facilities
Smart Appointment System

CureMantra has been established with an aim to improve the healthcare scenario in India with the help of Digital revolution. We intend to create a trust worthy ecosystem to boost coordinated care with a network of connections in the country.

CureMantra has come up with a unique and trust worthy single platform to inter-connect patients, doctors, pharmacies, labs, diagnostic centres and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry in the entire country. Created with a mission to improve the overall health scenario by leveraging technology, we offer a progressive tool that is fast and dependable and can be used by all the mentioned health care partners.

CureMantra’s innovative initiative would provide an organized healthcare service even to small cities and towns of India like Jamshedpur, Ranchi, which currently are unable to reap all the benefits of medical advancements.

Two young people, both with a common vision of seeing betterment in the healthcare segment in India, especially in the rural and semi-rural geographies have come together to start Curemantra with a vision to make healthcare better in India.

A Seamless And Virtual Transition

CureMantra aims to create a seamless and virtual transition where patients meet doctors and seek medicines without any inconvenience or delay. No hopping from one shop to another for that rare medicine. One click of a button will let you know where it is available.

Now with CureMantra by your side, you neither have to run from pillar to post to consult your doctor nor do you need to wait outside the clinic for your turn. One click and you have real-time information on how many patients are lined up before you. No depending on the practitioner for finding out the best diagnostic centre to get your tests done. A click at CureMantra and you has it in front of you with honest and unbiased reviews.

Why CureMantra?
  1. Digitalizes the health information, without changing the current system of patient doctor relationships.
  2. Serves all kinds of patients, doctors, and other relevant healthcare stakeholders.
  3. Focuses on patients by saving their time and money by eliminating multiple transportations.
  4. Maintains electronic medical records in order to save medical data for better follow-up by doctors.
  5. Uses cutting edge technology and data to offer improved patient care.

The team of seasoned healthcare experts, investors and medical advisors has put tireless efforts to make this happen. With the vast resources of trained, competent doctors and knowledgeable pharmacists that India has, this is all we need to help the patient is reaching out to them.

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