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A web service that connects patients, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories, and other medical facilites.


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about us

Curemantra is an attempt to provide an organized health care network in India.This is a support started by a team of tech and physicians for our patients and healthcare personnel friends.

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The Single Platform That Seamlessly Connects Doctors, Pharmacists, and Patients

Curemantra introduces a platform that organizes the entire healthcare sector in India on a single interface.

The Cure Mantra Advantage
  • A digital world where patients meet doctors and seek medicines without any inconvenience or delay.
  • A virtual universe where doctors can access all reports of the patients online as soon as they are generated.
  • A new world where health information is digitalized, without changing the patient-doctor relationship.
How Are We Different?
  • For Patients: No more carrying reports and prescriptions from place to place
  • For Doctors: Full patient records available online
  • For Pharmacists: Receive prescriptions online and integrate it with inventory management tool.

Curemantra provides the most advanced tool in India which connects all the stakeholders in the healthcare system keeping the patient in the centre and making things move around them.

This Means…
  • Lower waiting time for patients
  • Better optimisation of doctor’s time and
  • Higher prescription fulfilment rates for pharmacists.


A platform that connects patients, doctors,pharmacies,and other medical services

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